Meet the committee


President  David Hopkins VK4ZF

David has been active in amateur radio since 1961.  He is a long standing BDARS club member and has been President since 2014.  Now retired, Davids working career spanned 42 years in the electricity distribution industry in Queensland, with 6 years in R & D in a high voltage test laboratory and 36 years in trade training.

David lives in Capalaba with a well equipped mechanical and electronics workshop.  His main interest is satellites.

Vice President   Phil Farrington VK4MOT

Phillip started in amateur radio 7 years ago. He has been a member of the BDARS since then and has been Vice President for the last two years.He has worked on tug boats and Customs & Quarantine vessels as master. He has been Officer in charge of the Lytton Quarantine station and Quarantine at Brisbane International Airport.

For the last 25 years, he has worked for Queensland Tug and Salvage, Adsteam Marine and Svitzer. He is now retired doing things he likes including  hobbies of computers and amateur radio.   Phil also looks after the BDARS Member’s Shop and Test Gear.

Secretary  Phil Hutchings VK4PG 

Phil, first licenced in 1981, has recently returned to the amateur radio hobby after raising his family and a period living and working overseas.  After working in the mining, finance and renewable energy sectors, Phil is now mostly retired in Wellington Point, with a role that takes him to his native NZ frequently..

In prior ham radio phase (up to mid-1980’s), Phil was active on the low earth orbit satellites.  He is now mostly a user of 40 m  with a full-sized horizontal loop for 40 and 20 metres and his Kenwood TS-2000.  He dabbles in some homebrewing, along with renovating his house and bringing life to his garden.

Treasurer  Geoff Fox VK4FK

Geoff has been an active amateur radio operator since 1965. He was an active member of the CQ Branch of the WIA in Rockhampton before moving to Brisbane in 1973. He then joined the Ipswich Amateur Radio Club & was an inaugural member of the Brisbane Amateur Radio Club. He joined the Bayside Club when he moved to Sheldon in 1991.

Geoff worked in the Insurance industry both in Rockhampton & Brisbane for 23 years. In 1988, he joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in Brisbane as a communications officer. He subsequently worked for the Qld Fire & Rescue Service at Firecom Brisbane as a Communications Supervisor until his retirement in 2007.

The Committee


VK4TJE – Eddie Tomes  

Eddie has been a BDARS member for 27 years, with active participation in club days for Lighthouse Weekends and John Moyle Field days.

He is the Club Examination officer and over the years has conducted 97 exams. This covered the full range of Foundation, Standard, Advanced, Practical and Regulations. Eddie’s youngest candidate so far was 13 yrs and the oldest was 92 yrs, with both genders well represented.

Eddie’s amateur radio background started when a ham who moved across the road in his native Christchurch. In his spare time, Eddie is an experienced traveller in Australia’s outback.

VK4YA – Bob Wisdom 

Bob was encouraged to get his amateur licence while an apprentice technician back in the UK.  Then life took over, and it was not until early retirement that he returned to the hobby.

With the advent of ‘Internet of Things’, Raspberry Pi’s, Digital Communications and devices, modern amateur radio developments dovetailed perfectly with Bob’s technical background in microelectronics and software design.   Bob’s capability on the committee can assist the club to embrace the digital arena and the maker culture emerging from this technically oriented generation of experimenters.

VK4DCM Russell Walker (BDARS Station Manager)

First licensed in 1966, Russell spent his whole career as a radio technician and is expert in commercial radio communications.

Russell gained valuable experience as a young radio tech while establishing VHF and HF communication for WA’s remote iron ore industry in the 1970’s. He recently retired from a 15 year stint in the Queensland Government communications section

While a young ham, Russell designed and established one of the first VHF amateur repeaters in Australia, with an adaption of an “acquired” valve FM radio base station. He has since worked on several amateur repeater projects in Perth and Brisbane. Mostly active on 6 and 2 meters, Russell’s antenna system is self described as modest – 5 elements on 6 M, 10 elements on 2 M, an HF tri band beam, a 40 meter dipole and a multi band HF vertical.

Inviting new Memebers

If you’re interested in helping run the club or think you might like to get involved in any way, give us a call or email, or just pop down to the general meetings at the SES building in Cleveland, 7.30pm on the first Monday of each month!