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Precision Bench Power Supply

If we intend to build anything in the electronics field, we will need to supply power to the project. The voltages could range from 1V to 50V DC and perhaps 240VAC.


As these days most electronic devices are low voltage DC we need a source of DC power to run them. Common voltages are 3.3, 5, 6, 9, 12, 15, 24, and 30 volts. Current levels can be up to several amps.

As can be seen the voltage range is considerable. This can be easily achieved by using a regulated variable DC power supply. The following is a power supply that meets the above requirements.

The Project

Ten years ago, this would have been a mammoth task to design and build such a supply. Today, all it takes is a couple of standard purchased items, put in a case and some interconnecting wiring.


This project is a construction project essentially from a kit of parts. The parts can be group purchased and the assembly instructions have been produced by David VK4ZF and are available on the BDARS Sharepoint site.

How to Join in

Everyone will have different levels of skill and expectations.


The project will be led by David VK4ZF. It will include practical meet-ups to help you construct and commission your own power supply.


Its expected that the project can be completed in a few hours when all the components are on-hand.l


The total component cost is expected to be around $150.

Next Steps:

  1. Call or send an email to David to let him know you are interested in participating in the project. Dave will coordinate the group so we can find mutually agreeable times to meet etc.

  2. Head over to the BDARS Sharepoint file area for this project. David's construction document is already there.

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