Maker SIG

Makers Special Interest Group

The Maker group like to build things, measure things, test things or sometimes blow things up! (but then to repair them).

The group is lead by David VK4ZF, who has many years experience in the electrical industry in a training management role. David extensively builds pieces of instrumentation, radio decoders and is very active in satellite communications.

The maker group dabbles in software and the latest technology using Raspberry Pi’s and computer languages.

The group runs training classes and group kit building exercises. Of course none of our soldering skills are quite up to the expected standards, and David often helps us to improve our skill. Surface mount electronic components are tiny and often need special equipment to solder. We design the PCBs and have the equipment!

David VK4ZF showing up to use an instrument

Some of the projects we have undertaken include APRS tracking module constructions and a homebrew lightning detector. All these projects are collaborative efforts with many of the group utilising the complete units at their home stations.

The Homebrew Lightning Detector
An early prototype showing the green custom PCB
Placing Surface-mount components before reflow-soldering

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