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BDARS Remote Shack

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The Remote Shack Project is a club effort to facilitate the operation of remote controlled base stations, comprising transceivers and the other infrastructure required to mange the ‘remote shack’.

The remote shack uses Flex Radio 6400 and Icom 9700 transceivers.

Where’s the Shack?

The remote facility is located about 210m high on Mount Cotton in the Redland City district of Queensland Australia. That’s about 30 km South East of Brisbane, and 5 km from the coast. The shack and land are privately owned, but the facility is managed by the club


The Flex 6400

The ‘6400 is an all-mode modern high-end SDR based desktop HF transceiver.

The clubs installation supports the 80m through to the 6m amateur bands.


Remote Control Software

Flexradio Inc license the radio software for each rig, and the client software named SmartSDR runs on your local PC.


SmartSDR is available for download from Flexradio.


Using SmartSDR

The software protocol uses an intermediate server operated by Flexradio and this makes it easy to connect to the remote radio. In most cases you will NOT need to ‘Port Forward’ from your Internet connection device (eg modem).

smart sdr flex.jpg

How do I join in?

The facility is available to club members. Click Join BDARS for more info.

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