Station Name Panel

These laser engraved name panels are being manufactured by BDARS as a fundraising activity and made are available to all amateurs in Australia.

The panels consist of a yellow-tint perspex plate with your own stations’ callsign etched into the panel.

The panel is lit from the wooden base by a series of multi-colour LEDs controlled by an inline 1m (approx) lead which terminates in a USB A connector for power (a power-supply is not included with the product).

The white lead contains an integrated button assembly to allow a selection of brightness settings and choice of four LED colours (Red, Orange, Green, Blue). The Blue setting is not as strong as the others.

The unit can be set to cycle the colour as well as fixed to one. The units come fully assembled and ready to plug into your USB power supply.

The units are custom made and available to order from BDARS; cost $50 plus Postage and Packaging. A members discount applies to BDARS members.

Please email with your request for your own nameplate.

Please see the direct link to our callsign nameplate shop item or follow this link for the general shop homepage on

Station Nameplates placed in some example settings shown below (radios not included in the sale item!)

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