The BDARS Team 

Every year the members of BDARS elect the committee to steer the society and set the direction for the year. Below are the committee for 2021-2022 and a little about them...

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Mark E. Thompson VK4BBC

Originally from the North East of England, Mark’s been a proud Australian for 21 years, living in Birkdale with wife Teresa.  An experienced IT professional, especially for mission critical systems, Mark currently heads up Technology Services for Queensland Government.  He’s belonged to BDARS for several years  and is a frequent participant in our working bees and ran our Bunnings fundraisers last year.  When not on ham radio, you’ll find Mark presenting on BayFM 100.3

Vice President

Eddie VK4TJE

Eddie has been a BDARS member since 1990, actively participating in club events (Lighthouse Weekends and John Moyle Field days), fundraisers and working bee days. He is the Club Examination officer.  Eddie’s amateur radio background started when a ham settled into his street in his native Christchurch. Eddie is an experienced traveller in Australia’s outback.



Phil Hutchings VK4PG 

Mostly retired, Phil is a previous BDARS club secretary.   An engineer turned commercial  manager, Phil still has a part time role in the energy/contracting sector.  As part of a complete DIY renovation of an unloved 80’s Carindale house, Phil built his "dream radio shack " last year - and it is already too small!  You'll find Phil on HF sideband and FT8, together with the club 80 m net on Wednesday nights. 

Events Manager

Martin VK4MCU

Martin is an electrical fitter/mechanic by trade.  His 30 years experience in the electrical industry covers industrial, power  and communications electronics.  Martin has been a volunteer Coast Guard member.  He’s an avid ham radio operator who also enjoys  shooting, boating and sailing.  Martin joined BDARS in 2018 and his electrical knowhow has been vital with our Mt Cotton remote HF station

Committee Member Representative

Bob Wisdom VK4YA

Bob is a retired Chartered Engineer qualified in computer and electrical/electronic engineering, teaching and management.  Bob's interests lean to the technology side of our hobby. He is a keen experimenter, and is often found in front of his oscilloscope and computer screen. Bob’s expertise was vital is setting up the software and hardware to control our Mt Cotton remote HF station. He enjoys mentoring and definitely is a man to turn to for guidance.

Station Manager

Russell Walker - VK4DCM


DX Specialist Group Leader

Scott VK4MGL

Treasurer & Social Group Leader

Geoffrey Fox  - VK4FK

Variety of Coins
Soldering circuit board

Electronics and Makers Group Leader

Dave Hopkins VK4ZF

Committee Member Representative

Johan Engelbrecht VK4KR