BDARS 2023 AGM 5th March

We held our 2023 AGM today at the Redland Museum.  A great social occasion with a big turnout and catering by the Museum team.

Our new Leadership Team for 23/24 was appointed:

  • Our 2023 AGM was held this afternoon at Redland Museum (see pics)
  • The new leadership is
  • President – Ralf VK4GCR.
  • Vice President – Steve VK4AEG
  • Committee – Colin VK4ZPU, Scott VK4MGL, Martin VK4MCU, Eddie VK4TJE and Russell VK4DCM.
  • Treasurer – Geoff VK4FK
  • Project Manager – Geoff VK4GNT
  • Secretary – Phil VK4PG

Congratulations to the new team!

In addition, our new President Ralf made a presentation to Joan on behalf of BDARS for last year’s donation.


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