Our first inside the clubhouse event

Inside clubhouse with the talk underway

At our clubhouse yesterday our first internal event took place; Bob VK4YA gave a presentation followed by a demonstration and workshop session about ‘IPv4 Networking for Amateurs’.

The event was well attended and Ross VK4SRS kindly brought some delicious nibbles to share. The food was complemented by coffee from the capsule machine and cool milk from the recent fridge donation by Russell VK4DCM and reheat capability using David VK4ZF’s donated microwave oven.

Apart from foundation networking knowledge, the talk explained why many Internet Service Providers are now making it more difficult for amateurs to deploy their projects using the ‘net, and hinted at some technical solutions – these talks can be expanded if there is enough interest.

Thanks to all for attending, and for everyone making our morning a fun, friendly and useful meeting. We were a bit cold at first as we don’t yet have reverse-cycle aircon, but fortunately the sun came up and helped heat the room.

There are still some other jobs to finish (Eddie VK4TJE can’t do everything!), and more volunteers are needed for making the clubhouse even better: we may need a couple of more comfortable sitting chairs for members to casually hang-out,  and a couple of better tables.


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