Redland Museum Science Day


A big thanks to BDARS members Eddie, Steve, Bill and Grant who met representing the club at the ‘Switch on to Science’ event held at the Redland Museum.

BDARS Grant VK4JAZ demonstrated Morse Code to several youngsters who were fascinated by the ‘secret code’. Some mums and dads remembered when they were kids playing with Morse buzzers linked between their bedrooms.

Bill, VK4BUL did an excellent job teaching youngsters about crystal sets and how they don’t need any batteries for power – and yet they can still pick up radio signals. In contrast, Bob VK4YA was demonstrating a Software defined Radio.

Outside, Eddie VK4TJE and Steve VK4YW connected up the club’s Icom7300 to a 10m squid pole antenna and demonstrated HF SSB to onlookers. Eddie also kindly demo’d his fully kitted out his Ute, showing Amateur Radio working from a mobile station.


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