Working bee at MtCotton


David VK4ZF, Eddie VK4TJE and Bob VK4YA spent a good morning up at the Mt Cotton remote station site to install antennas for the ADS-B Aircraft tracker, GPS, and the homebrew lightning detector.

Russell, station manager, also attended to keep an eye on us all and to fix up a little more capability of the antenna rotator used for the Yagi’s on 2m, 70cm and 23cm. We were also visited by Vice President Steve VK4AEG who assisted with all the proceedings.

The morning went well especially as Eddie kindly though to bring some coffee and tea which helped warm us up. The completed ADS-B receiving range with the new antenna exceeded all our expectations.


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2 responses to “Working bee at MtCotton”

  1. Martin Uljee Avatar

    Well done Team!

  2. Mike Scott (KH6GOZ) Avatar
    Mike Scott (KH6GOZ)

    Nice to see this club expanding remote activities (like ADSB) that benefit the community in general as well as amateurs living in restrictive antenna situations that now have access to the various technologies/monitoring capabilities. Perhaps key vhf/uhf freqs could be added for things like 6 meter and 2 meter band openings for those interested in those dx opportunities. Another consideration might be a net access broadcast page …could be somethingsimple based on a rx only that changes to specific net frequencies at specified times for net coverages…Brisbane and Gold Coast areas for example… those non amateurs with an interest as well as travelling amtateurs would be able to listen in via phones/computers etc….