VK4RDB 70cm Multi-mode digital Repeater

Multi-mode Digital Voice Repeater (DMR/D-Star) running on 15watts reduced power, repaired, but fully operational 5th Aug 23

Repeater’s Transmitter output
Repeater’s Receiver input
Digital Modes12.5KHz bandwidthDMR 505424
D-Star VK4RDB-B and VK4RDB-G

This repeater runs a Pi-Star based node and a MMDVM modem. The repeater’s dashboard is here.

The repeater’s functionality is ‘soft’ and the current settings allow the use of D-Star and DMR as below:-

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio)

The repeater is connected to two digital DMR voice networks: Brandmeister and VKFreeDMR (VKFreeDMR is part of the international FreeDMR network).

DMR Timeslot 1 is used for Brandmeister

There are no Brandmeister static talkgroups pre-allocated on the repeater.

DMR Timeslot 2 is used for VKFreeDMR

Talkgroup 505 is statically linked to the repeater. This means any network activity on TG505 will be transmitted by the repeater.

To select a different FreeDMR talk group, use Dial-a-Talkgroup on your radio.

APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)

Both Brandmeister and VKFreeDMR support digitally encoded APRS position information.

D-Star network


D-Star reflector 23C is the main Australian connector and is linked to by default (to be confirmed)

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