VK4RDB 70cm Yaesu Repeater

Repeater’s Transmitter output
Repeater’s Receiver input
FM &
25KHz bandwidthCTCSS 91.5Hz in FM mode, both Rx and TxEcholink 488558

This Yaesu repeater can operate in both conventional analogue FM and Yaesu Digital C4FM modes (known as ‘Fusion’). It cannot do both modes at once, however, mode switching is automatic depending upon the originating mode it receives.

The repeater uses digital mode for Yaesu Wires-X connections. Read more about Wires-X here.

Dual mode operation means that if your radio is set to FM you will only hear the digital ‘noise’ when C4FM is being transmitted. This can be suppressed by setting the CTCSS receive mode on your radio. Then, the radio will only un-mute when it receives a 91.5Hz tone which is only sent by the repeater in the FM analogue mode. If you do this, before transmitting, keep an eye on the received signal level as you won’t be able to hear an ongoing C4FM transmission in progress by others.

If the repeater is activated via an incoming Yaesu Wires-X digital link connection through the internet, it will transmit in ‘Fusion’ digital mode.

If the repeater is activated via an incoming Echolink connection through the Internet, it will transmit in analogue FM mode.


VK4RDB-R Node:474766

Yaesu Wires-X networking

Node number :59002
Room number: 69002
Room Name : Bayside Hangout

Networking to/from other networks

Our Wires-X room 69002, Bayside Chat, is also bridged into by a Pi-Star node, otherwise known as a ‘YSF Reflector’.

YSF Reflector YSF23636.

This reflector is connected to the Pi-Star network which in turn allows connection from other digital network modes, reflectors and hotspots.

For example if you want to connect to our Yaesu Wires-X room 69002 from your hotspot, you would select reflector YSF23636 as the target on your hotspot.

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