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BDARS’ leadership group is elected annually at our March AGM. Nominations are called for each year in early February.

The 2024 /25Team:-


CallsignsVK4GNT and VK4MW
Licenced years2
Membership years2
Radio InterestsDX, home brew, digital modes (FT8)
Industry backgroundICT Program/Project Delivery

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I am what you would call a “COVID ham” … radio is something that has always interested me – and it started with a CB radio in the car while caravaning – but COVID lockdowns gave me a reason to look further into amateur radio and I discovered that it wasn’t as hard as I’d expected.

I am keen to learn something new every year, and 2022 was the year for getting my Foundation licence. While a Foundation licence is good, I felt pretty constrained due to limited frequencies and permitted power levels. So 2023 became the year to get my Advanced licence. I have registered two callsigns: VK4GNT (mainly used for digital) and VK4MW (mainly used for voice/DX).

I work in a Queensland Government Statutory Authority as an ICT Program Delivery Manager, with solid plans to retire at the end of July 2024 after 7.5 years in this role.

I have previously worked in telecommunications (20 years) and also spent approximately 15 years in various Project/Program Management contracting roles working for various organisations across Queensland.

I have various tertiary and academic qualifications, including:

Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering (1984)
Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems/Economics) (1997)
Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training (2002)

My interests in radio include chasing DX, digital modes (FT8), home brew, and mobile operation – taking every opportunity to combine radio with caravan trips with my wife.

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Licenced yearsunspecified
Membership yearsunspecified
Radio InterestsAll aspects of the Amateur Radio hobby including continued learning
Industry backgroundTechnology

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No more info yet, sorry!

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Licenced years60
Membership years34
Radio InterestsMainly digital modes these days due to restrictions of living in a home unit.
Industry backgroundInsurance Industry (25 years) Qld Fire & Rescue Service (18 years)

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I worked in the Insurance industry for 25 years in both Rockhampton and Brisbane. In 1988 I joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade as a Communications Fireman in the Brisbane Communications Centre. All fire services in Queensland were amalgamated in the 1990’s and became known as the Qld Fire Service, then the Qld Fire & Rescue Authority and subsequently the Qld Fire & Rescue Service. I attained the rank of Communications Supervisor in Firecom Brisbane.

My main interest in amateur radio in my younger years was working DX on AM, CW and later SSB, mainly on10,15 & 20 metres. I was also quite active on 6 metres when I lived in Rockhampton. My main interest now is in the digital modes including Fusion, DMR & Allstar.

I have been Treasurer of BDARS for 30 years. I also head up the Social Group.

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Licenced years6
Membership years6
Committee RoleSecretary / Committee Member / IT Support
Radio InterestsCommunication Electronics, Digital, DV, SSB FM
Industry backgroundBusiness Development – Electrical

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USQ Associate Degree in Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (unfinished)
Skills-Tech – Electrical contractors course and standards
RogenSi – Sales Leadership Program – Coaching in the field
NHP – Sales Leader Training Course
Argent Star Corporate Speaking Workshop – Verity Robins

Rockwell Automation – Component Sales Technical Training
Rockwell Automation – IA Sales Technical Training

QTP – Qualified Technical Person for Queensland Electrical contractors license.
QBP – Qualified Business Person for Queensland Electrical Contractors license.
QLD – Licensed Electrical Fitter/Mechanic

Construction Induction – Workplace health and safety Queensland (White Card)

HVSO – High Voltage Switching Operations – Competency Training Brisbane
St Johns – Low Voltage Electrical Work Rescue

HR O – Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence – Heavy Rigid Open – Road Ranger – unrestricted
DA – QLD Industry Authority
Type Genr/Sche/BHTX

AVCG – QF7 (Australian Volunteer Coast Guard – Redland Bay)
HLTAID002 – Provide basic life support
HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid

SOA – Statement Of Attainment for:
TAESS00003 – Enterprise trainer and assessor Skill Set consisting of:
TAEDEL301A – Provide Work skill instruction
TAEASS401B – Plan assessment activities and processes
TAEASS402B – Assess competence
TAEASS403B – Participate in assessment validation

BSB30115 – Certificate III in Business

Positive Notice Blue Card – QLD GOV
RSL Service Member
RSL Life Subscriber
SAMVOA Veteran
WIA Member

Employment Experience:-
Business Development Manager Consultants & Specifiers.
Technology Specialist – Power Distribution
Business Development – Energy Management
Application Engineering Manager Queensland
Director/Owner – System Integrator. SCADA
Automation Supervisor
Technician Electrician

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Committee member

Licenced years57
Membership years30+ years – Founder member
Committee roleunspecified
Radio InterestsSSB 160meters to 23cm and often you will see me on meteor scatter on 2meters in the mornings.
Industry backgroundCommercial Radio Technical Support

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Most of my life I have enjoyed having a hobby and a career in radio.

I started as a apprentice radio technician working for Pye in the 60s in Geelong.
Over the year my QTH has been in WA, Melbourne and Brisbane. I’m now finished working full time with the state government; my last role was in the Emergency services in Brisbane.

I was a foundation member of BDARS although work and a family distracted me from being directly involved with the club at times I keep in contact and a number of times were called upon to help keep the 2 meter repeater operational.

I have had lots of different interests in the hobby over the years but now days 6 meter FT8 DX gets my attention.

Call signs I have had include VK3ZUC, VK4ADT, VK6CV. VK3CM, VK4DCM.

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Committee member

Licenced years54
Membership years5
Committee roleunspecified
Radio InterestsContest organiser. DX on 6m and 2m SSB, FT8 and antennas
Industry backgroundMerchant Navy Radio Officer, Computers and lastly Radio Comms Tech

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No more info yet, sorry!

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Committee member

Licenced years41
Membership years5
Committee roleunspecified
Radio InterestsDigital, Satellite
Industry backgroundICT Government 

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Currently Director of Digital Services & ICT for the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, I have a B.Sc. (Hons) in Technology Management, an MBA in Business, a Cert 4 in Cyber Security, a Postgraduate Diploma and a Cert 4 in Occupational Hygiene and WHS as a Qualified Prince 4 practitioner.

Fellow signal seekers! I’m VK4BBC, originally from the land of pease pudding and stotties, now calling Australia home for over two decades. With a Geordie twang that’s survived the test of time (and Aussie slang), I bridge the gap between the rolling Cheviots and the expansive Outback through the magic of ham radio.

Radio Rig:
My setup is as robust as a Wallaby’s hind legs. It’s equipped with an antenna that’s seen more sun than a Bondi lifeguard. Having survived both North Sea gales and the Aussie sun, it’s ready to connect across vast distances and cultures.

My role encompasses various tasks to support the club’s operations, growth, and community engagement. These include supporting Club Governance and Administration, Membership Engagement and Growth, Event Planning and Execution, Financial Stewardship, Communication and Information Dissemination. My role is strategic and operational, requiring a balance of leadership, teamwork, and technical expertise.

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Committee member

Licenced years47
Membership years12
Committee roleIT support, Maker SIG, Training
Radio InterestsDigital modes and radio technology
Industry backgroundMicroelectronics and Info Tech

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I’m a chartered engineer (retired) with postgraduate business and teaching qualifications. I started as an apprentice electronics technician at Vauxhall Motors Ltd (UK), and after working for several companies subsequently founded a microelectronics/IT business which continued for over 20 years.

Snatched holidays allowed visiting parents in Sydney in the 80’s and 90’s; these planted the seed to relocate to Australia. Work commitments finally eased up and allowed the permanent move two decades ago. Not only did this allow me to pursue my passion for amateur radio (I was licenced at age 19), but was also able to give back to the community by taking on responsibility for managing and operating a 600-student high school’s ICT facilities, and subsequently becoming qualified to teach.

While still not much time for on-air ‘rag-chews’, my amateur radio exploits extend into Software Defined Radio (SDR), microelectronics and programming – the digital domain. I’m finding it great great fun to play with technology without having to endure those commercial pressures found in business!

Within the committee, my main duty is to aid in guiding BDARS towards sustaining its relevance and vitality as an amateur radio club, securing its ongoing prosperity in the years ahead. More precisely, my duties revolve around Information Technology and technical training aspects – leveraging my background to benefit the club. Drawing from my business experience, I also enjoy contributing to the commercial aspects of our growing organisation.

I’m currently encouraging the BDARS ‘Maker’ Special Interest Group (SIG): Once amateur radio was very much a ‘build it all yourself’ hobby, and although many items are cheaper and modular these days, it’s not that easy to keep-up with technology and constantly refresh the skills needed for this. I enjoy helping and involving others with learning and practice utilising modern technology.

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