Bunnings BBQ this Sunday

fundraising-sizzle of BBQ and happy volunteers (AI generated)

Join us in a hamlet, spirits so bright,
A call for help, it’s time to unite.
On Sunday’s light, under the sun’s gleam,
Volunteer with us, make the fundraising dream

In this vital feat, a cause to adore,
Help us thrive, there’s so much in store.
Sausages and smiles, a daytime delight,
Your support, on Sunday, makes it just right!

Our club, a family, you’re the heart,
Together, let’s make a significant start.
Grills will sizzle, laughter will ring,
On Sunday, with us, let joy take win.

Bunnings have kindly invited BDARS to run a fundraising Sausage Sizzle at the Capalaba store this Sunday 25th February from 6:30AM until about 4PM.

We would absolutely love to have more volunteers join in the Sunday fun! If you’re interested, please reach out to George VK4GNG or Martin VK4MCU, the BDARS secretary. Let us know when you’re available and how long you can lend a hand at the BBQ. Your contribution will be warmly appreciated by everyone.


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