Radio Licence exam day


This Saturday, 25th November Eddie VK4TJE and Bryn VK4GF, assisted by Steve VK4YW will be assessing candidates for their Amateur Radio licences.

This normal format of the event is a 8:30AM arrival at the Alexander Hills High school (next to the TAFE) for a 9AM start. Eddie needs to shut the school gates, so please park in the school’s front car park in good time. We can show you to the classroom near the back of the facility.

Before starting, everyone is encouraged to relax and feel free to ask questions or discuss any concerns. All breaks throughout the day are informal, and taken as needed. Eddie kindly brings coffee/tea and a few biscuits, but lunch is not provided; to save time, bringing a bite to eat is a good idea rather than visiting a local takeaway.

In the morning, with the Foundation licence candidates, Bob VK4YA often helped by other members of the club runs a refresher/revision session, finishing up with a practical demonstration / hands-on. This provides an opportunity for candidates to get some hands-on experience with real transceivers and protocols.

Simultaneously in the morning, Standard and Advanced licence candidates take their exams in an adjoining room.

Usually around lunch time, the Foundation exam multiple-choice papers are tackled as a group, followed by the individual practical assessments throughout the afternoon. We usually finish by mid/late afternoon, but it can be later if there are more candidates.


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