Tech/Social Night

Ham operator at computer and SDR radio with a large satellite dish in the background

Our next Tech/Social meeting at the museum is on Monday 15th April, 7:00PM for 7:30PM start. Members and visitors (non members) are always welcomed.

Our main event is a presentation by our special guest John Brews VK4JBE on SatNOGS – “Your Entry to the World of Satellites”.

The SatNOGS Network is a global management interface to facilitate multiple ground station operations remotely. An observer is able to take advantage of the full network of SatNOGS ground stations around the world. It’s part of the SatNOGS Project.

Why not come along to hear how satellites using the SatNOGS existing 300+ ground stations that monitor 380+ satellites with 810+ transmitters can provide an introduction to help us extend our own amateur radio portfolio of interests ?

As well as John’s presentation there will also be the usual opportunities for a social chat and to let others know what projects you are working on – and find out what’s going on with other club activities.


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