After 30 years – a clubhouse!

Fictitious image of cutting the tape in front of a clubhuse

BDARS expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Redland City Council for generously providing a clubhouse building! After years of persistence and anticipation, we are thrilled to finally have a dedicated space to call our own. Thank you, for making our dreams a reality! 🌟

The handover was completed today, on the 16th of February 2024, and we are proud to show off some pictures of the interior spaces. There are two rooms: the main ‘hall’ and the bathroom. The main hall could probably accommodate 20+ seated people.

inside view of main room showing the sink end

It turns out that not only has the building been recently renovated to accommodate people with mobility disabilities, but the large accessible bathroom has a good amount of space which may also be used for some storage.

inside view of main room showing the bathroom end

The main hall-room features wood veneer flooring, a suspended ceiling, fans, and impeccable decor. The room includes a sink at the other end to the bathroom and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fridge, coffee machine, and a cosy sitting area. These additions are already part of the plan, providing members with a welcoming space to meet and hang out during both daytime and evenings.

All the other exact usage layout plans and associated club activities are still in the planning stages, so by all means suggest how *you* would like to see things take shape – It’s your clubhouse.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do, and more items need to be donated to make this our home away from home. But now, at last, we have a 24/7 base and a new heart for the club—and it’s in very good shape!

Why not help unlock the potential of the 30+ year BDARS dream and contribute to transforming our new home? Reach out to Martin at to discover how you can play an important role in this exciting journey – and join in with the dream, to make it even better!

outside view of clubhouse showing steps entrance
outside view of clubhouse showing ramp entrance


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