Tech/Social night

club members sitting behind tables enjoying a tech night presentation

Our next Tech/Social meeting at the museum is on Monday 19th February, 7:00PM for 7:30PM start. The main event is the second part to the evaluation of some classic radios generously donated to the club.

Russel VK4DCM, Station Manager, will again be leading the proceedings as Russ is one of the BDARS members that still remembers how valve (tube) transceivers actually work!

It will be interesting to see the radios driving dummy loads, and to share a cuppa with mates reminiscing about all our first rigs while at the same time warming our hands over the glow of the tubes.

Bring along any projects you are working on so others can see your ‘show and tell’ project – and maybe give a bit of a briefing to the others present about your project journey to date.

otherwise, why not come along for a social chat and find out what’s going on with other club activities and how you can help the club?


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