Sizzle and Support: Join the Sunday Delight

fundraising-sizzle of BBQ and happy volunteers (AI generated)

Join us in a hamlet, spirits so bright,
A call for help, it’s time to unite.
On Sunday’s light, under the sun’s gleam,
Volunteer with us, make the fundraising dream

In this vital feat, a cause to adore,
Help us thrive, there’s so much in store.
Sausages and smiles, a daytime delight,
Your support, on Sunday, makes it just right!

Our club, a family, you’re the heart,
Together, let’s make a significant start.
Grills will sizzle, laughter will ring,
On Sunday, with us, let joy take win.

Bunnings have kindly invited BDARS to run a fundraising Sausage Sizzle at the Capalaba store this Sunday 21st January from 6:30AM until about 4PM.

We still need another three people to join the fun, especially around the lunchtime slot – but any extra assistance is most welcome. Please contact President Ralf to let him know what you can do. Please call-in on the 2m repeater or email


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