Tech/Social Night

Our next meeting at the museum is on Monday 15th January, 7:00PM for 7:30PM start. The main event is the evaluation of some classic radios generously donated to the club.

Russel VK4DCM, Station Manager, will be leading the proceedings as he is one of the BDARS members that still remembers how valve (tube) transceivers actually work!

It will be interesting to see the radios driving dummy loads, and to share a cuppa with mates reminiscing about all our first rigs while at the same time warming our hands over the warm glow of the tubes.

Also at the meeting, Damo, VK4FDPM will also be presenting AllStar – the digital linking mode that that works with many devices and is similar, but newer than Echolink. How to use it connect to repeaters all around the world, or to call one person! (Postponed to next Tech Night in February)

Russell VK4DCM will also be there to supplement Damo’s talk with information about the Internet Relay linking Project (IRLP) and how to use the club’s facility at MT Cotton. (Postponed to next Tech Night in February))

Why not come along for a social chat and let others know what projects you are working on – and find out what’s going on with other club activities?


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