Special General Meeting – Clubhouse

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Redland Council has generously offered a premises in Victoria Point for potential BDARS home clubhouse occupation. This would be a substantial commitment for our club.

While specific negotiations about the offer have not yet commenced with Council, the matter needs timely attention. The management committee seeks further input from members as to whether to continue to progress this opportunity.

Accordingly, a Special General Meeting is to be held at the Redlands Museum, on Saturday afternoon the 6th of January 2024 at 1pm.

(The meeting was originally scheduled for the 7th but museum commitments prevent our use on that date)

The meeting will be solely to discuss / vote on moving forward with this project / commitment.


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One response to “Special General Meeting – Clubhouse”

  1. Tom Edmonds VK4HTE Avatar
    Tom Edmonds VK4HTE

    I will be attending this meeting as in my view it is a step in the club having its own premisis to call home and hold club activities when the club see fit not having to rely on other facilities being available, due to the propose premisis being to small for activities which we currently conduct would(a)the council approve in the expansion of the current building (b) approve of another portable building being attached to the current building (c) allow for shipping containers to be placed next to the current building (d) would the council contribute finicially for any of this to happen Cheers Tom VK4HTE